Follow our MVM Parent Resource Center to learn more about the Montessori Method. Existing MVM parents can use this tool for access to FAQs and to explore handy resources like:

•    Monthly Classroom Newsletters
•    Year-at-a-Glance Calendar
•    Joining the PTO
•    Monthly Parent Coffee Hours
•    Becoming a Volunteer/Chaperone
•    Ordering MVM School Shirts
•    …and more!


Join us on Facebook
Join us on Facebook for fun ideas on how to bring the Montessori Method into your home. We share activities, articles, children’s projects, and more with parents.


Tell a Friend About MVM!
Know someone who might be interested in Montessori? Stop in the office for an Informational Packet to share. Or simply have them call us to set up a tour at their convenience: 715.298.3832. Thanks for spreading the word!


Mission Statement
Mountain View Montessori provides a safe, nurturing environment where every child’s educational, emotional, physical, and social needs are respected and fulfilled. We strive to cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn and foster his/her natural curiosity and love of knowledge. Mountain View Montessori provides an environment allowing each child to develop independence and respect for others and the environment. Through a traditional Montessori learning environment, Mountain View Montessori allows each child’s introduction to education to be joyful and a purposeful start to a journey of lifelong learning.


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